Chaos 2 Order Coaching 


Holistic Wellness For The Modern Dreamer 

Core Values

  • Intentional Living
  • Authenticity
  • Purpose Through Passion


  • Transformation
  • Life Outside The Box
  • Chronic Illness
  • Creative Professionalism
  • Traumatic Lose of a Sibling


  • A heart that listens
  • A spirit that trusts
  • A mind that won’t judge


Wellness Coach certification in progress at Life Coach EDU & The International Federation of Coaching ( scheduled for completion October 2019)

Bachelor of Liberal Arts – UMKC, 2016

Featured by numerous publications as a practicing St. Louis artist and “inspiration” living beyond extreme health conditions: including KDHX, Ladue News, The Jewish Light, Float STL, Yogo Girls

Internationally recognized paraclimber: including 4 National medals, sponsored athlete featured by Fox2 news, CWX endurance, Friction Labs, Evolv climbing, USA climbing

Creator and content manager of Embrace The Brace – “Tips and Tricks for Ehlers Danlos- Syndrome”