Climbing Out of Chronic Pain

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“If you are given a situation, you can always make it worse, or make it better, so maybe that’s what the embrace the brace represents,” she says. “It’s what you have to work with, so you might as well make it pretty.”


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Artica STL 2018

Artica Mississippi Epiphany 2018


“OUR ARCH” ; an installation in response to the way the 380 million arch renovations addressed accessibility of the Gateway arch.

OUR ARCH installation oct 12th- 14th, 1400 N. 1st St

This project was my first art installation and a first real attempt to expand beyond two dimensions of space… more glass & mirror explorations coming soon!

– Jasmine


Artica Map




Unus Mundus Art by Jasmine Raskas





Featured Floater at Float STL

Jasmine Raskas is a local painter in STL. After her second float, she felt inspired to create a painting. We wondered if she would share her work with us, which she was absolutely willing to do. When Jasmine arrived with her painting, we were delighted to see it and chat about it. We feel grateful to listen to her speak about the ways that floating inspires her to explore metaphysical concepts in painting, and also grateful that floating has helped her physical condition. If you are a person who enjoys exploring abstract concepts and abstract art, or if you struggle with joint misalignment (severe or not), read on!

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