Jasmine Raskas: A human passionate about creation, striving to unite the world with peace, presence, and color.

Expand The Mind.

Spread The Love.

To Be Certain Is Not To Know.

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“It is not just do do do. It is not just be be be. It is do be do be do.” -Amit Goswami

I occasionally get sidetracked and find myself engaged in strange things such as traveling half way around the world for a climbing competition or writing product reviews for chain metal shoes. When I get excited about something, there’s no holding back. I live to choose adventure. If there’s fear, it must be overcome with love.

“Life is too important to be taken seriously” -Oscar Wilde

The primary purpose of this website is to organize my extra large cyber footprint into a semi manageable and hopefully understandable package.  I hope that this directory will serve those interested in learning more about me and what I do, as well as friends and family trying to keep track of the latest dream chasing.